CCNS – an inter-institutional centre of the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg and the University Hospital Salzburg (Salzburger Landeskliniken)

The Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience (CCNS) at the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg (PLUS) was established in 2004 and institutionalizes the cross-disciplinary research interest in understanding the relationships between neural processes and behaviour. Furthermore, another goal of the CCNS is to train the next generation of cognitive neuroscientists, which is marked by the active engagement of the CCNS members in training students at the graduate as well as postgraduate level.

Currently, the CCNS is the home-ground of over 60 researchers with diverse backgrounds, such as psychology, linguistics, biology, physics, computer science, etc. Via close collaboration with clinical institutions, such as the Christian Doppler Hospital (University Hospital Salzburg), we strive to translate our research to address real-world issues. In order to pursue our research, the CCNS provides its members with access to outstanding laboratory facilities, that cover the complete range of modern cognitive neuroscience research.