The CCNS hosts several EEG facilities to evaluate the electrical activity of the brain:

  • 1x stationary 64- channel system
  • 4x 32-channel systems
  • 2x ambulatory EEG systems for special study populations (e.g. children) and environments (e.g. sport activities)
  • Biofeedback/Neurofeedback (BFT/NFT) equipment for the training of autonomous body functions and brain waves
    • 3 stationary NFTs
    • 3 ambulatory BFT/NFTs
  • Network and hardware dongle license for EEG analysis

Additionally, members of the CCNS have access to:

  • several sensors for multiple channel recordings (Polysomnography)
  • numerous actigraphs for the evaluation of sleep-and-wake cycles over extended periods of time
  • 2 infrared cameras
  • blue enriched bright light goggles for altering circadian phase of human subjects
  • a Electrical Geodesic hdEEG system with
      • 256 EEG-channels
      • physio-box for external physiological sensors (sleep and long time exposures)
      • EEG caps for short- and long time recordings
      • EEG caps for newborns