The CCNS brings together over 60 researchers with diverse backgrounds from the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg and the University Hospital Salzburg (Salzburger Landeskliniken). They share a cross-disciplinary research interest in understanding the relationships between neural processes and behaviour:

The goal of the CCNS is to provide researchers the necessary intellectual as well as methodological environment, that enables them to make significant advances in one of the most important scientific challenges, namely understanding how neural processes give rise to the diverse facets of human behaviour. It is our conviction that only a solid understanding of these processes will allow to tackle the plethora of brain-related disorders, that cause a great burden at the individual and also societal level.

Researchers at the CCNS employ the full range of tools in cognitive neuroscience, such as fMRI, M/EEG, and brain stimulation techniques, but also hormonal analysis as well as histological investigation of brain tissue belong to the repertoire of the CCNS. The collaboration between the CCNS and hospitals such as the Christian Doppler Hospital enables the investigation of clinical populations, thereby setting the ground for translational research.

Research at the CCNS currently focusses around following topics: