Neuroimaging Software


  • SPM12 r7219 16-Nov-2017 (start with spm12 or spm12_7219 from a matlab2013a-prompt; an older release can be run via spm12_6906)
  • SPM8 r6313 02-Mar-2015 (start with spm8 or spm8_6313 from a matlab2008a-prompt; older releases can be run via spm8_5236, spm8_4667, spm8_4290 or spm8_4010)
  • SPM5
  • SPM2
How to use Matlab & SPM on psyserv01

SPM/Matlab toolboxes in use

Other software

AFNI 19.3.08 OpenMP
FreeSurfer v6.0.0
  • add the flag -parallel to recon-all to enable OpenMP support!
FSL 6.0.1 & FSLeyes 0.27.3+build0

BrainVISA 4.5.0 (execute brainvisa_setup before using BrainVISA-commands!)
Caret 5.65
ICA-AROMA v0.4.3-beta
lipsia 3.0 (Aug 17, 2018)
Mango 3.8
mICA Toolbox v1.17
MRIConvert 2.1.0 Revision 440 (includes mcverter)
MRIcro Version: 1.39: build 4 (run via startmricro)
MRIcron v1.0.20190902 (run via mricron; older version included dcm2nii, dcm2niigui & npm)
MRIQC v0.10.0
DCMTK 3.6.2
BXH/XCEDE Tools 1.11.14

EEGLAB 14.1.1b (run via eeglab from a matlab2008a command prompt)
SDM v5.141

to be installed & tested:

PROBID patter classification to be tested

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