AAL - Anatomical Automatic Labeling(external link) 1.0 (SPM12), v1 (SPM8), vbeta2 (SPM5) & vbeta1 (SPM2)

Anatomy(external link) 2.2c (SPM8, SPM5 & SPM2)

ArtRepair(external link) v5b3 (SPM12) & v4 (SPM8, SPM5 & SPM2)

Brain Connectivity Toolbox (BCT)(external link) 2011-03-27 (Matlab toolbox)

Brainnetome Atlas Viewer(external link) V1.0 (Matlab toolbox; start with BN_atlas from Matlab-promt; requires Matlab R2009b or later)

BrainNet Viewer(external link) 1.51 (Matlab toolbox)

BWT - BrainWavelet Toolbox(external link) v1.1 fMRI Edition (Matlab toolbox)

bspmview(external link) 20160310 (SPM12 & SPM8)

CerebroMatic Toolbox(external link) 1.2 (SPM12)

CAT - Computational Anatomy Toolbox(external link) CAT12 r1290 (SPM12)

Clinical Toolbox(external link) 8/2014 (SPM8)

DPABI (Data Processing & Analysis of Brain Imaging)(external link) V2.3_170105, includes DPARSF (Data Processing Assistant for Resting-State fMRI)(external link) V4.3_170105 (SPM12 & SPM8)

CONN functional connectivity toolbox(external link) v.17.f (SPM12 & SPM8)

Distance(external link) 3beta (SPM5 & SPM2)

Easy_ROI(external link) Jul 6 2011 (SPM8, SPM5 & SPM2)

Functional Connectivity Toolbox (FCT)(external link) 2011-07-16 (Matlab toolbox)

Functional localization in fMRI studies of language http://web.mit.edu/evelina9/www/funcloc.html(external link)

Graph Theory GLM (GTG) MATLAB Toolbox(external link) beta 0.39 (Matlab toolbox)

GraphVar(external link) beta v_0.60 (Matlab toolbox)

GroupICAT(external link) v4.0a (includes GIFT (Group ICA/IVA of fMRI Toolbox) v3.0a) & Updates (Oct 22, 2015)

Hemodynamic Response Estimation Toolbox(external link) 2.0 (SPM8, SPM5 & SPM2)

hMRI Toolbox(external link) 2017-11-14 (SPM12)

LI-toolbox(external link) 1.3 (SPM12 & SPM8)

Logtransform(external link) (SPM12 & SPM8)

LST (Lesion Segmentation Tool)(external link) 2.0.15 (SPM12)

MACS (model assessment, comparison and selection)(external link) V1.0 (SPM12 & SPM8)

mask_explorer(external link) 2.10 (SPM12, SPM8; requires Matlab R2013a or higher)

MarsBaR(external link) 0.44 (SPM12, SPM8, SPM5 & SPM2)

Motion fingerprint(external link) 1.5.2 (SPM12 & SPM8)

MRTool(external link) v1.4.2 (SPM12)

Multivariate and Repeated Measures (MRM)(external link) 0.6 (Matlab toolbox; requires Matlab R2013a or higher)

Pattern Recognition for Neuroimaging Toolbox (PRoNTo)(external link) v1.1_r740 + bugfix (SPM8)

rfxplot(external link) Revision 52 (SPM8 & SPM5)

RobustWLS(external link) 4.0 (SPM12) & 3.1 (SPM8) & 2.1 (SPM5 & SPM2)

RSAtoolbox(external link) (Matlab toolbox)

SnPM(external link) 13.1.03 16-Dec-2015 (SPM12 & SPM8)

spmScripts(external link) 30JUN2016

TDT – The Decoding Toolbox(external link) 3.99 (SPM12, SPM8, SPM5 & SPM2)

TFCE - threshold-free cluster enhancement(external link) r119 (SPM12)

TSDiffAna (Analyze Time Series)(external link) 2014-10-16 (SPM12) & r691 (SPM8)

Variability Toolbox(external link) 0.1 (SPM12 & SPM8)

VBM - Voxel-Based Morphometry(external link) VBM8 r445 (SPM8), VBM5 1.19 (SPM5) & VBM2 1.09 (SPM2)

  • for SPM12, this toolbox was renamed to CAT (Computational Anatomy Toolbox)

Volumes(external link) 2015-02-09 (SPM12) & r720 (SPM8) & r630 (SPM5)

WFU PickAtlas(external link) 3.0.5 (SPM12 & SPM8) & 2.4 (SPM5 & SPM2)

xjView(external link) 9.0 (14 Nov 2016; SPM12, SPM8, SPM5 & SPM2)

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